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Will the Neighbor Master My Wife? Find out a in the newest book by Manus Dare!

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Thank you all for joining me this week!

This week I have a new book that started life on Medium. Originally titled My Alpha Male Neighbor Turns My Wife into a Submissive Slut (yes, I know, but obvious titles work well on Medium!), it is now a book titled The Neighbor Masters My Wife and is available on Amazon and Smashwords.

Also this week, I've included a free Medium Link to Chapter 1 of the book as well as a big freebie promotion going on until May 14th!

Have a great April and I'll see you next month for even more great cheating and cuckold smut!


Free Books through May 14th

New Book from Manus Dare

All he wanted was to see his wife humbled.

Too bad he isn't man enough to do it himself!

Nothing Mitchell does is good enough for his powerful, domineering wife, Lydia. No matter how hard he tries, he just can't seem to make her happy.

Deep down, Mitchell longs to see his wife dominated and humiliated. When an offhand conversation with his alpha male neighbor ends up in a lewd bet, Mitchell can't help but agree.

Mitchell might just get what he wants… and lose everything he values most.

Read this twisted, cuckold tale today!

The Neighbor Masters My Wife is an explicit story that includes cheating, cuckolding, humiliation, and a twisted ending that may not be for everyone. Please read responsibly!

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Hi, I’m a creator

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