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New Subject--July 25--update!

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We are almost through July and I have some good news! As I continue to refine my cuckold content, I had changed the way I release my stories.

Going forward, I am going to releasing all of my series on Patreon. Once the series is complete, I will be publishing episodes on Medium. However, if you want to read all of my new stories BEFORE anyone else, Patreon will be your best bet.

As an added bonus, I am now putting artwork up on Patreon as well. These will take the form of captioned images, illustrated stories and short comics. Check out some of the free samples I gave included below.

Last but not least, be sure to read all the way through this email for some free offers from me and my fellow authors.

Have a great rest of July. I will see you all next month!

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Newest Book!

This wife and mother's perfect life feels empty, but her son's soccer coach has just the thing to fill her!

Jessie Thompson, a beautiful married woman, seems to have the perfect life: a hard-working husband, a comfortable lifestyle, and a wonderful son. But, with her husband often gone for work, leaving her alone to raise their 7-year-old son, Jessie's perfect life feels empty.

Logan Matthews is a young, handsome man who coaches her son's soccer team. When Logan flirts with her at a match, Jessie is immediately drawn to the powerful man's confidence and beauty.

When Logan attempts to seduce the beautiful wife and mother in her own home, Jessie finds she can't say no. She knows it is wrong, but her need for Logan becomes so powerful, she soon becomes a slave to his sexual desires.

But Jessie doesn't realize that Logan has a hidden desire, a compulsion to spread this virile seed and leave his baby growing inside another man's wife. Now that he has Jessie in his sights, he won't stop until he has made her husband a true cuckold-and creates an unbreakable connection that will bind him to Jessie forever.

Training the Soccer Mom is a tale of a cheating wife, a dominant alpha male, and a twisted obsession only Manus Dare could write. Please read responsibly.

Patreon updates!

Man of the House

Her boyfriend's son wants to be the new man of the house and he is will use Constance and Jenny's bodies to do it!

When Constance Williams and her daughter Jenny move in with Todd, they think they have found the perfect family. But when Todd's son Richie sets his sights on Constance and Jenny, she finds herself falling into a dark web of sex, lies, and revenge.

Will Constance be able to resist Richie's charms long enough to marry Todd and get the life she has always dreamed of? Or, will Constance and Jenny fall to Richie's perverse desires as he strives to prove he is the true Man of the House?

This twisted series by Manus Dare is TOO HOT for Amazon else but Patreon! It contains cheating, cuckolding, humiliation, and incest. Please read responsibly.

How I Nailed Your Mother

"So, you want to know how I did it? It was almost too easy."

Those are the words Benji Turner says to his friend, Tate St. Clair, when Tate catches Benji having sex with his mother on his own childhood bed!

Follow along with the unfortunate Tate as we learn how Marion St. Clair, a loving wife and mother, becomes falls under the seductive spell of her son's dominating best friend. We know how this one will end, but the thrill is Benji telling us exactly How I Nailed Your Mother!

How I Nailed Your Mother is another twisted story that is Too Hot for Amazon. This story includes cheating, cuckolding, humiliation and taboos elements that only Manus Dare could describe! Please read responsibly!

Free Preview from How I Nailed Your Mother:

Tate heard the noises as soon as he came in the door. He stood frozen in the entryway, confusion etched on his face. He heard faint moans coming from the basement — not quite pleasurable, more like animalistic grunting and panting. His mind raced with possibilities, and he felt nauseous as he remembered the porn movies Benji had shown him months before.

Damn, he thought as he rushed down the stairs. If Mom catches Benji watching porn, she'll have a fit.

He reached the bottom of the steps; the sounds growing louder. As the woman's screams shattered the silence of the hallway, it stirred something deep inside Tate - there was something familiar about that voice. He pushed open the door and his blood turned to ice as he was confronted with a harrowing vision.

On the bed, her face pointed towards the door, was his mother. She was on all fours. She was sweating.

And she was completely naked.

Benji leaned over Tate's mother, his muscular body hammering into her from behind. His friend's powerful hands gripped his mom's waist as he slammed his cock into her pussy. The heavy tits that had nursed Tate as a baby slapped against her rib cage, the smacks of flesh on flesh filling the small bedroom.

Tate felt his cheeks flush as he tried to process what he was seeing. He was mortified as his loving mother's moans changed to screams and her body shook. It took Tate a moment to realize what had just happened.

His mother, the woman who raised him, had just had an orgasm right in front of him.

"Hey, Tate!" Benji grinned from behind his mother, his cock still embedded in Mom's pale, quivering body.

Mom looked up, and her eyes widened in shock.

"Tate? Oh my God! Tate, don't look, baby! I'm suh--"

His mother tried to apologize, but Benji fish hooked her mouth and pulled her lips, the same lips that had kissed his cheek when he was a child, into a ghastly smile and hammered his thick cock deep inside of her.

His mom gurgled helplessly against Benji's fingers, but Tate could see she liked the abuse. Her cheeks flushed bright red and spit spilled out of her mouth as she submitted to his friend's savage fucking.

Tate felt like he was going to be sick as he watched helplessly. He couldn't look away - it was like some horrible train wreck he was powerless to stop. Tears ran down his face and his heart raced as he watched the woman who had raised him since birth being violated in front of him.

His mom's cries rose to a fever pitch and Benji let go of her mouth as she came again, her body convulsing in pleasure on Tate's bed. Finally, she fell forward and screamed into Tate's Dragon Ball Z blanket. Benji didn't even bother to stop fucking her. He just continued pounding his thick cock into my loving mother's pussy, fucking her through an intense orgasm.

Benji pressed a hand down onto his mother's back, not bothering to pull his cock from her still twitching body. He looked like a conquering warrior subduing his prey, his fleshy spear buried deep inside his mom's pale, quivering flesh.

"I know it's hard to see, but she wasn't always that way," Benji said, his voice remarkably calm. "I had to train her to be a good slut."

Tate's mother tried to raise her head, wriggling like a fish underneath his friend, but the powerful young man easily contained her. Benji calmly stretched a powerful leg around her body and pressed down on her delicate face with his foot, trapping her as he thrust deeply inside her pussy. She stopped fighting, her mouth opened, and she drooled into her son's favorite blanket.

Tate watched in horror as he saw his mother reduced to a broken fuck doll beneath his friend.

"Do you want to hear the whole story?" Benji asked. "It's a good one."

Tate shook his head, but he was helpless and frozen as Benji's voice told him the tale.

Plus, all new added illustrations:

Last, but not least, check out these free books by some great authors!

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