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Welcome to May! I'd like to get this month started off with a new free book from yours truly. Check out my short series, Free Use Neighborhood Wives. Get book 1 for free and then read the complete series.

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Have a great day and a great month. I'll see you next week with even more freebies and a brand new, Too Hot for Amazon book!

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Using His Wife- Free thru 5/4!

More than the baby's gender is going to be revealed at this party!

Gabby and George are having a party to reveal the gender of their baby and their friends and neighbors are all invited. However, they have another secret to reveal that will send shock waves through their neighborhood.

George isn't the father of her child. Instead, Michael, a hot college stud, is their bull, and he has free use of Gabby's body whenever and wherever he wants, all with her husband's approval.

Join Manus Dare as he explores the softer side of cuckolding in this ongoing series of free use cuckold stories. Each book is connected but can be read as a standalone story. You'll experience all the angst of Manus Dare's stories along with the familiar cheating, cuckolding and humiliation, but with a kinder, gentler ending for the cuckolds. Please read responsibly!

Read Book 1 for free, then buy the Complete Series!

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My Virile Father-in-Law Stopped by to Fix the Shower... and ended up breeding me!

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Hello! Thanks for joining me this week. It is super hot here in the Pacific Northwest, the temperature over a 100 degrees the last two days! Luckily, the family and I have been managing to stay cool. Since I've been cooped up inside, I've been spending quite a bit of time this week illustrating stories for my Patreon and updating covers of my previously published books. You can see a new cover below, as well as some new images. I've also included a free link to one of my Medium stories just...

Hello! Warning: Before you read this, it does include NSFW images, so read responsibly! I am back and this week I am including a free chapter from my current series, How I Nailed Your Mother for you this week with some brand new images. These are examples of the kinds of things I am doing on my Patreon account, so if you really want to follow along with all of my series, sign up now! As you know, I am currently releasing all of my new stories and series to Patreon. There is only one reason to...

Hello! We are almost through July and I have some good news! As I continue to refine my cuckold content, I had changed the way I release my stories. Going forward, I am going to releasing all of my series on Patreon. Once the series is complete, I will be publishing episodes on Medium. However, if you want to read all of my new stories BEFORE anyone else, Patreon will be your best bet. As an added bonus, I am now putting artwork up on Patreon as well. These will take the form of captioned...