30 Day Hotwife? Not a new reality series, but a new book by Manus Dare!


Thank you all for joining me this week!

I've got a brand new book to showcase! 30 Day Hotwife began as a series on Medium called Using the Hotwife. The first part is done and I have published it as a book.

I have also included a Free Medium Link to Chapter 1. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it!

I've also got some great freebies by amazing authors. For the low price of your email address, you get some great smut!

I hope you are all having a great week and here's to a productive and sexy April!


Free Books through April 13th

New Book from Manus Dare

Celia and Ben Chalmers visit college bars where Ben watches while his wife flirts with other men, the jealousy and lust adding a needed spark to their otherwise dreary sex life. Their private games provide excitement and that's all they need. Or so they thought.

One night, Celia's boss, Taylor Mance, catches the couple playing their games. To Celia's surprise, her boss is not shocked or disturbed by their behavior. In fact, he makes a proposal to the married couple that shocks Celia to her core.

Taylor wants to make their hotwife fantasies a reality with one caveat: He gets free use of Celia for 30 days. This means he gets to do whatever he wants whenever, and wherever, he wants it. At work, at home, even in their marital bed, no place is off limits, no part of Celia's body undiscovered.

Will Celia and Ben be able to survive 30 days?

30 Day Hotwife: The First Week, has scenes of explicit sex, cuckolding, humiliation, domination, and freeuse. It also has an ending that is a softer than Manus Dare's other stories. However, please read responsibly!

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